In 2009, Romero began his professional career at the Conservatory Institut of Theatre (Barcelona), graduating in 2014 in Madrid, at the Royal Mariemma Professional Dance Conservatory.

Wins the first prize in Spanish Dance at the XVIII National Call for Dance in the City of Castellon and get sponsorship from several companies, including the National Ballet of Spain.

In 2015 he joins the cast of Antonio Canales, with his show “Entre telones”; by José Luis Moreno in the new Anthology of Zarzuela, premiered at Palacio de Vista Alegre; of the Iberian dance company in its tour in China; and as a solo dancer at the Rafael Aguilar Theater Ballet.

Participates as guest artist in the world premiere of the opera ”El Greco” in Athens; in ”Lisistrata, the women’s war” under the direction of José Carlos Plaza, with Estrella Morente, Aída Gómez and Antonio Canales.

He auditions and gets a place in the National Ballet of Spain, promoting in 2016 to solo dancer under the direction of Antonio Najarro.

At the same time, he presents his own personal show as choreographer and principal dancer in Barcelona, ​​in S.C. Spanish Ballet

In 2018, together with Tania Martín, her artistic partner, she created the show MuDanza Show with a first season of 4 months at the Arlequín Gran Vía theater in Madrid and a second season in April 2019 at the Teatro Fígaro in Madrid.

Also in 2019 he joined the Antonio Márquez company as a guest artist.