It is a novel and surprising show that stages the Spanish dance, flamenco, live music, fashion and theatre.

Tania Martín and Carlos Romero, embody the 2 characters. Víctor, a wealthy pleasure seeking man who lives a life of excess, and Manuela, an artist, a strong woman because of the difficulties lived in New York during the Prohibition Era on the 1920s.

The stage becomes a clandestine Jazz Club where Víctor and Manuela will discover what is behind their unreal lives, through love, passion, fear and internal struggles in a hostile environment of prohibitions.

The unconventional costumes, part of them under the signature of Moda España, give a touch of fantasy to the play.

What is Mudanza?

Leaving their comfortable places at the Spanish National Ballet, Tania Martín and Carlos Romero decided to redirect their professional careers and ventured into the creation of this show.

Through a dance of the highest level, non-conventional costumes and an evident complicity they tell an understandable story for all kinds of public with a powerful staging that envelops the public.

Why Mudanza?

Because is a change for the dance, Spanish dance in this case, a professional change for the artists, a constant change of personal feelings throughout the play, that also combines the worlds of music and dance.

Who is the play for?

For all public, even those who are not used to the dance.

For all ages, even children.